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Massages & Body Treatments


With the lightest of pressure, this massage style offers a relaxing experience that can relieve minor muscle tension, leaving you feeling rested.

60 minutes, $80 | 90 minutes, $125


Deep Tissue

Utilizing deeper and slower massage strokes, a Deep Tissue massage can provide help in aiding chronic muscle pain or tension.

60 minutes, $100


Unlike traditional massages, Reflexology uses traditional Chinese medicine’s zone therapy to help restore balance. Different thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques are used to apply pressure in specific zones on the ears, feet and hands that correspond to areas within the body.

60 minutes, $90

Full Body Scrub

Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed by deep hydration that'll leave you feeling soft, smooth, and relaxed.

60 minutes, $135


Cavitation, Radio Frequency, & Vacuuming

RadioFrequency an alternative treatments for excess flabbiness of facial and body skin. Using thermal and electric effects, RadioFrequency helps revitalize the skins tissue, structure, and dermic collagen. This treatments helps stimulate the production of collagen deep within the skin.

$125.00, per session

$600.00, 6 session package

What is RadioFrequency?

Radiofrequency is an excellent alternative for the treatment of facial and body skin flabbiness. The RC ® Six Power Basic, smart equipment with unique 6 MHz features is designed to obtain a lifting effect in the short term and once beneficial effects are obtained they are maintained over time.


The therapeutic action of RadioFrequency of 6 MHz aims to the general revitalization of the tissues through the thermal and electric effects of Radiofrequency on the skin’s structure ́ and specially on dermic collagen. The application of RadioFrequency of 6 MHz allows anincrement in the temperature of tissues without affecting the epidermis.


The main goal of radiofrequency is to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin (the dermis and cutaneous layers) while leaving the skin’s surface (the epidemis) relatively untouched.

What improvements can I expect from Radio Frequency?

The effects may be evident immediately after each facial application, in the reduction of expression lines and wrinkles, as well as after the application on the skin of other areas of the body. The interchangeable heads allow the application of Radiofrequency in both, small areas (facial) and larger areas (body). Although you’ll notice the treatment’s tightening effects immediately, the more significant improvements will occur gradually over a period of several weeks or months as the new collagen forms.


How will I look immediately after treatment?

Your skin may be slightly pink and tight.

What should I know before a RadioFrequency treatment?

The RF waves penetrate the various layers of the skin heating it to a specific temperature for optimal collagen production. Your esthetician will use a cool gliding gel to reduce discomfort and a cooling handpiece for cooling your skin post treatment. You may experience a very mild swelling and redness of the treated skin. But even for people with very sensitive skin the heating sensation dissipates quickly.

How many treatments will I need?

Optimal treatment plan is 5 weeks (10 sessions) of twice weekly sessions every 2 or 3 days. Improvement is noticeable after just 1 session with clinical changes being observed from the fifth session becoming more evident by the end of treatment (10 sessions).

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