Extend The Life of Your Manicure

Want to extend the life of your manicure with #socialdistancing guidelines keeping us at home? Try applying topcoat over your manicure to not only preserve its life but also act as a barrier to harsh elements. One of our favorite products for this is Rejuvacote, because it strengthens, protects, moisturizes, and you can use it with or without polish!

Over washing your hands can dry them out, along with the delicate skin around your nails. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, which contain mostly alcohol, can break down your topcoat, leaving you more likely to end up with a dull manicure, chipped nail, or dried-out skin! Be sure to moisturize your hands after washing, but remember that too much moisturizer on your manicure can dull its shine. After applying moisturizer, be sure to wipe the excess off your nails!

If you have any questions about how to care for your nails at home, let us know! If you require removal of your manicure, be on the lookout for a post later this week about the safest way.

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