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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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About DoMoreLabs We believe that everything our bodies need can be sourced from the earth, naturally in its purest form. We formulate each finished product beginning with a cloned plant, on an organic farm processed in small batches with critical oversight through the whole process. All of our raw crude from these organic farms is processed through a super-cooled ethanol extraction. This gives us the ability to separate all unwanted waxes, tars, and the “hemp smell,” and leaves us with a full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene rich CBD oil. Many other manufacturers in this space purchase raw crude from on-line brokers with no idea where the actual product was grown nor its real analytical parts. Our Mission DoMoreLabs’ mission is to provide a medical grade CBD line of products for the health care professional and health conscious clients. DoMoreLabs was created for and has been instrumental in the practice network of Dr. Murray Joiner & Associates in Roanoke, VA. Dr. Joiner is a local pain management physician with over 30 years of experience who endorses, sells, and utilizes our products on a daily basis. DoMoreLabs produces one of the strongest, purest, and safest CBD product lines on the market today. DoMoreLabs handles all aspects, from seed to sale Small, privately-owned organic farms of less than 10 acres are hand-selected, based on their long history of containing organic soils*. These farms provide us with small batch, individually handled plants grown under GAP (general agricultural processes) certification*. Harvesting typically occurs at 4 months, with all biomass directed exclusively to our extraction facility. The raw crude is extracted from the biomass via a process called cold ethanol extraction. All unwanted waxes and tars are then further seperated to produce clear, clean-tasting highly concentrated CBD. *We are currently working on three major certifications at our processing facility, USDA organic, cGMP (current good manufacturing processes), and kosher. Analysis begins on the plant level for CBD and THC content, followed by a full panel test of our raw crude (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.), and a COA (certificate of Analysis) on all finished products. These are available to anyone who asks.



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